09 Jan

Kanger- A fire pot is used in Kashmir to beat the season of winters in Kashmir. It is habbit of the people of Kashmiris to use Kanger in the winters. Back to the past, Kanger was the only source for the Kashmiris to keep the

Decorated Kanger

Decorated Kanger

ir body warm while winter.A kanger,(Also known as kangri or kangar) is a pot filled with hot embers used by Kashmiris beneath their traditional clothing to keep the chill at bay, which is also regarded as a work of art. It is normally kept inside the phiren (Overcoat type garment), the Kashmiri cloak, or inside a blanket. If a person is wearing a jacket, it may be used as a hand-warmer. It is about 6 inches (150 mm) in diamater and reaches a temperature of about 150 °F (66 °C).The kanger is usually taken under Pheran.

This hot Kashmir firepot (Kanger) is usually taken inside Pharen, the traditional trademark Kashmir outer garment, a loose long robe with wide open sleeves usually made of course thick woolen cloth and held close to body mostly with both hands both while sitting, standing or walking. Kashmir people have a unique habit of doing all work quite comfortably in winters while sitting on a flat surface having a hot Kanger inside their Pharen keeping them warm. All Kashmir handicraft artisans do almost all artistic work quite efficiently sitting indoors in closed quarters while holding a Kangri under their Pharan.Today the kanger has lost its glory because of the latest technology.Today kanger may normally used by the people of kashmir to beat season of winter in Kashmir.

(Sources:- wikipidia)

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